About Us

“Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order to provide for urgent needs and not live unproductive lives.” – Titus 3:14

Team 314 is a community of believers devoted to what is good, providing for urgent needs, and living productive lives. Team 314 was founded by Jordan Connell, in response to his desire to care for homeless youth. The members of Team 314 are joining Jordan as he runs across America to raise awareness for this unnecessary injustice.

The Mission: The mission of Team 314’s Run To End Youth Homelessness is to raise awareness for the homeless youth across America. This run will celebrate the lives of these resilient teens. We will educate communities on the realities faced by this invisible population. We hope to motivate all communities to lovingly provide for this urgent need.

The Vision: The vision for the Run to End Youth Homelessness is to show homeless youth that they are not invisible and they are not forgotten, but that they are loved and valued. This run will allow Team 314 to glean information from the homeless youth and shelters across the nation. We will use this information to provide a safe place for the youth in Union, of Franklin County, Missouri.

The Goal: Our goal is to use this run to create a platform for existing programs to educate their communities about the needs of homeless youth. We will inform homeless youth of the opportunities around them, and inspire others to get involved in the lives of these invisible teens.

The Purpose: The purpose is to share the Kingdom of God so that all people may, “Learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order to provide for urgent needs and not live unproductive lives.”

The Objectives:
Share a message of love, hope, and encouragement.
Run, forty miles a day, five days a week, from New York City, NY to Santa Monica, CA.
Educate the communities we run through of the realities faced by homeless youth; over 75 cities.
Show the homeless youth there are people that love them and are willing to fight for their needs.
Visit youth service providers to glean best practices for future development and systemic change.

Along our route, we are visiting numerous youth service providers. Our hope is to learn best practices from the vast array of knowledge before us. Interviews with youth, service providers and community members will be conducted and used to generate videos chronicling the lives and realities of homeless youth. Ideally this run will garner Team 314 the essential resources to provide for this urgent need. Team 314 aspires to see all youth provided the love and care they desire. The youth deserve a safe place to run in their time of need and Team 314 will run this race with endurance to champion the plight of these beloved children. Team 314 believes that loving the youth too often ignored, neglected and forgotten will bring an end to this unnecessary epidemic.

Team 314 wants to meet you! We want to know how your community is caring for its youth. We want to learn your stories and share a message of love and hope across the United States. Team 314 hopes you will welcome us to your community and invite us to join you for a day of celebratory service. We want to celebrate all of you sacrificing so much to meet the needs of others. If you would like to have Team 314 join you; please check our calendar for our arrival day and contact us with your plan to put love into action.

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